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The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Ministries founded and led by Pastor Wayman Mitchell, Senior Pastor of The Potter's House Church of Prescott, Arizona, USA since 1970. This church in Prescott is the church of an entire fellowship of churches that is also known as The Potter's House, Victory Chapel, and The Door. The Fellowship includes more than 2300 congregations around the world. In 1978, a couple from the Prescott church was sent to Perth to begin a new church, following the pattern that had been set in Prescott of Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting. Since then, that one church launched into Perth has grown into a local congregation of nearly 400 and is the mother church of the

Australian fellowship holding annual Bible Conferences. In 2010 the Perth church has had the privilege of seeing 201 churches planted that trace their roots back to that one congregation, including this church here in Hastings, NZ.


Pastor Wayman Mitchell

Wayman O Mitchell is the founder of Christian Fellowship Ministries which now comprises over 2,300 churches in more than

110 nations. He has been a born-again Christian since 1953, baptized in the Holy Spirit since 1954 and a Pentecostal Preacher since 1960. Pastor Mitchell conducts healing crusades, for which he has been likened to a modern day Smith Wigglesworth. Pastor Mitchell has been a Pastor in Canada, many churches in the United States as well as in Perth Western Australia where he was Senior Pastor for 3 years. The Potter's House Church in Prescott Az USA where Wayman Mitchell is now the Pastor stems from an amazing revival that occurred in that church in the early 70's, the Jesus People Movement. 

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